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Protecting your property when you are not on site

Owning More than One Property

Owning a house is a joyful experience and a matter of pride for many. That is why home owners are often referred to as proud owners! For many people, buying a house is a dream comes true as it requires the savings of your whole life to get the title of the property. For others who consider a bank loan comes a hefty monthly installment which they have to shell out for the same.

There are often people who even have more than one property. The reason might be one of the following:


Inherited property is the one which a person inherits legally being a legal heir. In layman’s language, it is when a person gets a property or share in a property which was originally owned by his or her parents. Such inherited property adds to the assets of the owner.


Real estate sector is a big industry which is perfect for making investments. Buyers with surplus money often invest in properties to sell them later on at an appreciated value when the market grows.

Leisure Property

A leisure property is the one which might be bought with an aim to have a second home. For example, a big city family buying a property in a hill station or country side to visit during vacations for spending their leisure time.

Such additional properties often left vacant due to one or the other reasons which makes them prone to no. of crimes including theft, burglary, vandalism etc. The reasons for vacancy of such properties is mainly that the owner lives far away and taking time out from busy schedule to visit the property is rare. In certain cases the owners have even shifted abroad which makes it even hard for them to know about the status of their vacant property.

These abandoned buildings require to be secured in order to ensure their safety. Here is where empty building security management plays an important role. Owners are concerned about the security of their property and take no. of steps to maintain the safety.

Keeping Your Property Safe

If you are a house owner then certain ways of avoiding vandalism and keeping your property secure can be as follows:

Security Guard

Employing security guards for taking care of your property is a good way. This is a good practice for those properties which are spread over quite some space. It may seem like a monthly add-on expense but it is worth it when it comes to tackling vandalism.

Security Dog

security guards attacks have also become pretty common in the past. Especially for those properties which are located a little away from the hustle and bustle. In such cases, using a good breed of security dog to guard the property along with the security guard can be a good option. Some breeds which are ideal for this include German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Pitbull etc.

Care Taker

Care taker is a person who would stay in your property and also take care of the same. He will maintain the lawns, keep the property clean, and get repairs carried out as and when required. It is the most recommended way of safeguarding your vacant property. The only thing to make sure here is to keep a trustworthy care taker for the job.

CCTV Cameras

Technology comes in as an add-on security measure. What can be better than CCTV cameras which will keep an eye not just on your property but also your security guards and care taker 24/7! You as the owner can sit anywhere in the world and stream the footage even on the go over your smart phone. 

Impose fines for trespassing

One way to keep nuisance creators away is to put a board right in front of your property clearly stating NO TRESPASSING. Also mention fines for trespassers who will be caught.

Why protection of a vacant property is important?

Safeguarding your vacant house is important to ensure not just your properties safety but the safety of your surroundings too. Vacant properties are prone not just for small criminals but can also be taken over by violent groups like terrorists etc for wrongful purposes. It will then not just be about your property’s safety but also the safety of the people living nearby. In the end, the owner will be held liable legally if any wrongful act is conducted from his place with or without his knowledge.

It is hence best to ensure the safety of your vacant property as that is the only way to protect your investment!

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