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Ask A Librarian, Intellectual Property Research

The power and liveliness of any country’s economy, directly depends on the efficient mean in place that shield new investments and ideas concerning originality and innovation. The high need for trademarks and patents emphasizes the resourcefulness a country’s entrepreneurs and investors. We, a patent and trademark company have advanced to protect the investor’s achievements and hi tech advancements.

About us.

We are here to enlighten you on the rights of your intellectual property [IP], protection, the IP policy, and enforcement.

We aim at promoting a more efficient and stronger IP protection around the world.

We also provide extra efficient IP safety to entrepreneurs and innovators worldwide by operating with other agents to have tough IP necessities in international agreements and free business.

We educate, train, and offer team building curriculums intended at promoting value for IP and support the advancements of tough Ip enforcement systems by business partners.


Our duty is to promote originality and competitiveness. We have qualified professional staff that ensures we achieve our duties.


•        We provide suitable and quality tests for patent and trademark applicants.

•        We direct local and international IP policy.

•        We deliver IP information and instructions globally.


We pride in dedicated employees with a dream of showing way to the world about IP safety and policy.

We value your significance of our employees and our customers because we not only need the today but for a lifetime. Working with us comes along with some benefits to our customers for instance we save you money, you have the right to a trustworthy evaluation of your invention and you have our confidentiality about your inventions.

We also appreciate your intellectual property input because it is vital in our working. It enables us to serve you better, something we have experienced in many years of our working with the guidance of our strategic plan.

We continue to engage with our partners and customers always in a transparent, responsive and an open way. This is our guide as we request for your input in our current journey of encouraging innovation and IP in our today’s world economy.


Our strategic plan enables us to do various things:

• We set up our main concerns for specific years to come.

• It steers all our agendas and administration activities.

•  It offers performance objectives and pointers.

• It provides ways we can employ you.


We value your significance in and response on, our services to you. We will continue to work hard to;

 Develop the value of subjected trademarks and patents by changing the depth of worthy data, and increasing its use to advance the value of patent and trademark assessments.

Work with partners to enhance our lasting patent objectives to meet office needs and those of IP society.

Increase competence and exam ability in line with the best patent objectives for instance retaining or and hiring a general personnel.

Continue to uphold our tough trademark performance proof for instance listing trademarks within the shortest time possible.


Continue to improve our partners’ welfare in the universal IP system and much more.

Feel free to contact us or drop in your response at any time.

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